Review: That Risen Snow (Scary Tales #1)

Book Title: That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White and Zombies (Scary Tales #1)

Book Author: Rob E. Boley

Book Rating: ☆☆ (2 out of 5 stars)

Synopsis: “The zombie sequel to Snow White begins where the classic fairy tale ends, with the Prince’s kiss waking Snow from her cursed slumber. Snow wakes up, but she doesn’t wake up right.

Now a deranged zombie, Snow infects both the Prince and the seven dwarfs’ leader. That leaves the young dwarf Grouchy, who is secretly in love with Snow, to find a cure for her malicious curse. So begins an epic journey that pits the lovesick Grouchy against dwarf-hating human soldiers, Snow’s ever-growing zombie horde, and his own bad temper.

But when Grouchy and his motley crew of survivors escape Snow’s clutches and seek refuge in a nearby human village, he soon finds that her affliction has spread faster and further then he ever could have imagined. Snow is hell-bent on spreading her horrid curse across the land, and it’s up to Grouchy to stop her before it’s too late.”

A perfect example of an intriguing premise that sadly did not live up to my expectations.  Of course, I had really high hopes for this book. Zombies? Good. Fairytales? Great. Mix them together and all you have is a big mess…at least in this case. Honestly, after reading the first few chapters, I sat this book down for a long while before picking it back up again, only to really skim through the rest of the story.

This novel is told from the perspective of the seven dwarfs after Snow White Snowflake awakens from her curse only to be resurrected as a zombie.  You know how in the original story that each of the dwarfs are basically known for each of their unique personalities?  That isn’t so much the case with this retelling, and it was difficult to keep up with who was narrating each chapter, as it changed so frequently, and the only two dwarfs that really stood out as unique in any way were Grumpy Grouchy and Dopey Dim.  Also, this book was absolutely disgusting, and not in the brain-eating zombie way, but in the slipping and falling in someone else’s vomit kind of way. I certainly wasn’t expecting sunshine and rainbows in a zombie novel, but I wasn’t prepared for this level of outrageously gruesome storytelling.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley.


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